• Complimentary Assessment and Solutions
  • Donor contact calls: First touch, ongoing cultivation and stewardship calls
  • Special Event assistance
    o Corporate sponsorship cultivation and strategy
    o In person support as “wing man” in corporate meetings
    o Support and direction with creative sponsorship design
  • Major Gift Planning and Implementation
  • Planned Giving Planning and Implementation
  • Development budgeting
  • Executive Development personnel search
  • Long range development solutions
  • Development Training for Board, staff and Volunteers
  • Ongoing monthly support
  • Project support (Corporate calls, end of year calls, follow up donor calls for mailings)

Where does the work happen
Let’s say you have a small office and even if you can hire MDFS, where do you put the contractor? The answer is simple. The work is primarily done from the MDFS offices remotely. If you have a database that can be accessed remotely that is all that is required. I have 10 years of experience with this approach and the presentation is seamless with donor contact and follow up. All that is needed is the following:

  • Remote access to your database
  • Access to you inter office e-mail system (ideal but not absolutely necessary)
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Marketing materials
  • Business cards with title (if appropriate)

Today, working “at your office’ is electronically based and carries advantages. The contract work happens in a focused uninterrupted way that maximizes the contractor’s “return on investment” for your development needs.
Why Hire
You are:

  • Facing budget cuts or constraints
  • Fewer staff stretched too thin
  • Too busy putting out fires to be effective

You need:

  • Short term intervention
  • Donor cultivation education
  • Board engagement in your development effort
  • Donor cultivation continuation
  • Flexible contracting options
  • Local and national experience
  • An experienced “colleague” to be a partner in development direction and strategy

You choose:

• Fundraising Triage from MDFS
When do you consider

  • Ask yourself the following questions
  • Did you make your budget goal last year?
    o If the answer is no, why?
  • Did you cut program staff in the last 2 years?
  • Are you trying to do more with less?
  • Did you have to cut your Development staff?
    o If so, who is doing their work at the present time?
  • Did you increase your corporate support through your special event or events?
  • Do you do enough thank you calls to donors?
  • When was the last time you took time to update key donors in person?

And here is the biggest question of all

  • Is fear and inexperience keeping you and your staff from growing your ‘economic engine”?

If the answers to most of these questions are yes, you need to consider hiring MDFS.

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