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MD Fundraising Services (MDFS) is a contract-services company operated by Michael Donegan. Unlike a typical consultant role with non-profit organizations, I become a part-time contract employee of your non-profit with specific duties that you as the employer and MDFS agree on before the contract starts.


Michael has impressed me as a talented planned giving and major gift fundraiser. He has extensive knowledge of his craft and is great at forming strong and enduring donor relationships. Michael is also a strong presenter and a leader in the local fundraising community. I highly recommend him.

Paul Jonas, Senior Gift Planning Officer, American Red Cross

The next agency to hire Michael will get a seasoned development professional with a wide range of experience and a strong personal commitment to his work. Michael is friendly, outgoing, and very self-motivated. He is constantly focused on cultivating new agency supporters and explaining the mission to the community. He is respectful of supervision and able to mold his own activities to be aligned with the agency, as agency directions evolve.…

Michael was a persistent, committed and creative Board member of the National Committee on Planned Giving (a 10,000 member professional association) from 2003-05, serving first as research chair and helping the Board dramatically shifting its governance style during his 3 year term. His willingness to question the “status quo” showed courage with his colleagues. Additionally, Michael has worked across a broad spectrum of…

Visionary, Leader, Dynamic are just some of the words that come to mind when thinking about the work Michael Donegan has done. Michael is one of those rare individuals who combines his calm demeanor with exciting out-of-the-box ideas to spark life into organizations.

As a presenter, Michael makes me nervous because he could convince me to give more money, time and effort to a belief than I thought possible! He marvelously transcends…

Michael is an excellent addition to any not-for-profit’s team. He is great with donors, colleagues, very professional, and does an excellent job.

Top qualities: Expert, Creative
Gayle Union,Formerly Director of Planned Giving, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

About Michael

Michael has been involved in the non-profit community for over 20 years, having served as a professional staff person and volunteer for local and national non-profits.

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By Phone: 303-475-7003 By Email: